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  1. News In Five

    1. The Audrey blouse and Divine Linen Check dress have been a great hit with our customers so far, as Christian Dior wisely remarked: ' I design clothes for flower-like women, with rounded shoulders, full feminine busts and shapely waists above enormous spreading skirts'.

    2. We have been busy growing our social media presence so dont forget to like our page on facebook, follow us on twitter and on instagram and keep pinning our latest designs. 

    3.Thanks for the amazing encouragement from friends, family ... and strangers if our recent photo shoot is anything to go by!

    4. More information on how to measure yourself correctly, has been added to the website, folllowing a request from a customer.

    Hope that this is a useful tool for everyone. Please email me if there is anything else that you can think of at:

    5. It's great to belong to a community of like minded people on social media to share ideas and feel inspired by their great work. Have a great week everyone and keep it couture. Love Spirit Bird x

  2. Monday Morning, 8th December 2014

    We hope you are as excited as we are to be only a few weeks away from launching what we think is going to be a very exciting European inspired collection brought to Melbourne. It really has been a journey of immense pleasure to source the most beautiful fabrics I could find! Using my own two feet and putting in some long but most enjoyable hours chatting to the highest quality rag trade merchants to bring Spirit Bird customers something unique. Our fabrics are chosen for their limited runs and gorgeous designs. I have equally fallen in love with every one and cannot wait to see the final product of my teams hard work. 

    With the new spring summer collection to look forward to I have been getting out and about in Melbourne to see the trends for this years racing season. I recently attended a charity event with friends for the Heart Kids foundation. A truly inspiring and worthy cause. The kids who each had their own story to tell, had been through multiple heart surgeries. The collection from Seven Souls boasted some eye catching pale blue waistcoats and matching trousers. So cute and not a dry eye in the house! There were a few impressive hats to be seen too, by Miliner Danica Erard, keeping with the theme of horses, hooves and handbags!

    Have a great day, and don’t forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter for the latest fashion happenings in and around Melbourne and Europe!

     Love Spirit Bird x