Spirit Bird Philosophy

Vintage style combined with classical elegance. 

Style Classic waist-detailed dresses of the Audrey Hepburn era. Fabrics of linen and rich cotton, delicious delicate florals or Japanese contemporary designs, shaped to soft feminine lines. Ready to wear for the officeweekend or special occasions.

Femininity Inner-confidence, wisdom, sensuality, strength, comfort in your own skin, grace, beauty, pride, individuality, memories-invoked and radiance. 

Spirit Vintage inspired designs for every women with her own inner beauty and radiance.

Longevity Fashion comes and goes, style is different. Each design can be worn across seasons for years to come. Each piece is a little investment in yourself.

Design Influenced from over 30 years spent living in the UK and other major fashion capitals such as Milan, Seoul and now Melbourne. Inspired by each travel experience and women I have met who balance family, work and their home life who create their own style with ease. 

Quality Fabrics sourced in Europe and Japan and made in Australia with pride. Rich and luxurious fabrics of Japanese cottons and cool linens, ready to wear for years to come.  

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